Gry, zabawy i ćwiczenia logopedyczne dla dzieci on-line. - MiMowa.pl
Gry, zabawy i ćwiczenia logopedyczne dla dzieci on-line. - MiMowa.pl
Dyktanda, testy z ortografii, gry, karty pracy z ćwiczeniami - Ortografka.pl
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NEW FRIENDS... Get to know Yummies – deliciously colourful aliens.


Each of them must get to their capsule. Sometimes reaching your goal needs patience, and sometimes it's enough to do a bit of thinking and plan a few moves ahead.


Watch out for the spaces which rotate either to the left or to the right, teleports, force fields or spaces which change the rotating direction, blockades and other surprises. And remember that it's always worth gathering stars.

Don't waste time reading – get to work!


  • 5 planets: White, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red
  • 150 stages with different levels of difficulty
  • 150 stars to collect
  • possibility of using a hint mode
  • original game mechanics
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • fun for gamers of all ages and abilities
  • beautiful graphics supported by Retina Display
  • universal app – plays great on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • free updates!

New planets and levels coming soon!

Reviews and comments:

  • 宇宙人が主役のちょっと可愛くてちょっと奇妙な世界を堪能してみてはいかがでしょうか。- Appliv.jp
    Appliv(アプリヴ) -iPhoneアプリが探せる、見つかる Our app was introduced in Appliv
  • "Das in einer hübschen Comic-Grafik ... bietet einen einfachen Einstieg und führt nach und nach immer mehr Objekte ein, die das Spiel interessanter machen." - Appgefahren.de

    available on the app store

IQ Mission

In an extra-special mode, we recruit you to become a special agent. Will you take on the job? Your first mission is code-named IQ. Visit eight cities and solve the puzzles encountered there. For completing each task, you will get a part of a map. Our reliable sources report that only the complete map can reveal where the secret source of the Earth’s energy lies. Only you can meet this challenge!


  • 8 cities: Luxor, Monte Carlo, Antwerp, Rapa Nui, Marrakech, Paris, Beijing, London
  • 8 informants: Hapuseneb, Cesare Ricco, Aaron Goldbaum, Uru Kenu, Mohamed Ben Karim, Colette, Lin Zi, Bob Atkins
  • 8 types of logical games
  • 128 varied levels of difficulty
  • 20 Game Center achievements to earn
  • and 1 final game (mission target)

Live and don’t let die!

* Confidential materials - for your eyes only.

Reviews and comments:

  • "The best mobile games are the ones that make us feel smart, are easy to play in short bursts of time, and look better than a Renaissance painting. IQ Mission from YUMMY Factory is one such game..." - jayisgames.com
  • "...Herausforderungen sowie wirklich knifflige Aufgaben..." - Appgefahren.de
  • "IQ使命 是一款小游戏合辑,一共有8款游戏,分别以8个国家为主题,每款游戏有16关。每款游戏都是本着难死人不偿命的原则..." - Appgame.com
  • "...Un beau programme !" - ipadou.com
  • "...Na pochwałę zasługuje nie tylko pomysł autorów ale także oprawa graficzna programu, która jest po prostu ładna... Reasumując IQ Mission to kawał naprawdę dobrze napisanego kodu, a zagadki, z którymi przyjdzie się nam zmagać wciągają na długie godziny..." - ipadnews.pl
  • "Niewątpliwy atut IQ Mission stanowi jej dopracowana i stylowa grafika... Kolejno odblokowywane etapy stanowią niemałe wyzwanie nawet dla osób zaprawionych w rozgrywkach logicznych. Tak więc jest jeden problem z IQ Mission - trzeba naprawdę solidnie pogłówkować..." - gry-na-fony.pl

IQ Mission-LondonIQ Mission-Paris

IQ MissionIQ Mission

IQ MissionIQ Mission

IQ MissionIQ Mission

available on the app store

Have you been waiting for our next assignment? Are you ready for "IQ Mission Epilogue"? Visit three cities and solve the puzzles you encounter there. In the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, move the coin between deceptively rotating fields. Let's hope you can bring it to the vault! In Tokyo, play a board game with a beautiful geisha. Remember the rules and place the stones in designated areas in accordance with them. In Barcelona, arrange a mosaic of a certain shape. Make sure that the sides of the same color do not touch each other. Dare to take the challenge?


  • 3 cities: Barcelona, Tokyo and Tikál
  • 3 types of original logic puzzle games
  • 48 stages with different levels of difficulty
  • 9 Game Center achievements to earn


Reviews and comments:

  • "...These are very fun logic challenges that will keep you on your toes...." - appadvice.com

AniMate Maker

”ANIMALS” is a series of games created for iPhone and iPad and dedicated to children. They wonderfully combine fun with learning. The characters in the games are cute little animals which are bound to make an impression on the little ones.

Our aim is to create child-friendly games which will offer an alternative to spending leisure time passively in front of the television. Small children develop better through playing interactively, as they can participate in getting to know the world in an active way. Our games stimulate the young ones’ curiosity and inventiveness. ”ANIMALS” develops the imagination, concentration skills and reflexes, as well as improving children’s ability to divide their attention. ”ANIMALS” by Yummy is piles of fun...


Animals - Names and Sounds

available on the app store


Animals - Memo

available on the app store


Animals - Sequences

available on the app store


Animals - Places

available on the app store

AniMate Maker

Have you ever wondered what your mum would look like in a super hero costume or if Mrs Hoskins can do the splits?

If you like to draw, take photos, have a sense of humour and are between 1 and 111 years old, you will find our animated mate very useful.
Draw a figure or choose a ready-made template. Take a photo of yourself, your aunt or your boss, place it in the head area of your AniMate and then draw something funny. And now the best part of the fun - make the figure move. You can save your AniMate in the gallery, your Photo Album or send it by e-mail. It's really easy!

All likeness to real people will be intended and not accidental.

AniMate menu AniMate draw panel AniMate palette panel

AniMate gallery AniMate animation AniMate animation

available on the app store

about us

yummy – tasty, delicious. We’ve always wanted to make our creations last in one’s memory for a long time.

We are a young company created by a group of open-minded, experienced people who have extraordinary ideas and can adapt to the consumer.
We play with words, brushstrokes, movement which is why our products break conventions and create a new quality.
We don’t want to be like many others, lost in a crowd of mediocre. Our ideas are beyond the standards of the country, continent or even the world.

We are constantly trying to raise our products to the highest mark and to make them YUMMY.

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